Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Introduction to Training the Trainer: from Entry to Expert

    • Introduction to the Training Day

    • Introductory Exercise

  • 2

    The Trainer (becoming an exceptional trainer)

    • Chapter 1 Exercise

    • Chapter 2 Exercise

    • Chapter 3 Exercise

    • Chapter 4 Exercise

    • The Trainer - Quiz

  • 3

    The Students (engaging with every student)

    • 5 - Laying the Groundwork for Full Engagement

    • Chapter 5 Exercise

    • Chapter 6 Exercise

    • 7 - Recognising that not everyone is like you

    • Chapter 7 Exercise

    • The Students - Quiz

  • 4

    The Training (structuring for training success)

    • Chapter 8 Exercise

    • 9. Choosing the best Delivery Methods for your students

    • Chapter 9 Exercise

    • Chapter 10 Exercise

    • 11. Developing clearly defined Purpose Statements and measurable Learning Outcomes

    • Chapter 11 Exercise

    • Chapter 12 Exercise

    • 13. Applying Feedback as a development tool for both students and trainer

    • Chapter 13 Exercise

    • The Training - Quiz

    • Part 9

  • 5


    • 14. Building Bridges and maintaining connections

    • Chapter 14 Exercise

    • 15. Becoming the Leader you need to be

    • Chapter 15 Exercise

    • Leadership - Quiz

Course Overview

  • Why it's vitally important to you now?

    In business and in organizations of all types, we recognize that effective training improves performance and motivation. And as someone with responsibility for training, you have an incredible opportunity to positively influence your colleagues, suppliers and clients. Imagine the effect on communication, atmosphere, morale, and the productivity of your staff if they knew they were doing their jobs 10% better.

  • What will it give you?

    The COVID pandemic has caused a cultural shift in how people learn and how they interact. We believe there will always be the need for highly skilled communicators who can engage students face to face. Some training subject matter will always be better if delivered in the same room as the students. However, even if working remotely the training fundamentals that we analyse in this programme; dynamic delivery, clarity of structure, superior listening skills and promoting student engagement become even more essential if delivered at a distance.

  • How much time will it save you?

    Studying this online programme, recorded live in class, means you can learn at your own pace, use otherwise unproductive time productively, explore and redo the exercises in your own time, to make sure that all the principles and techniques are truly embedded.

  • How much money will it save you?

    The cost of the course is £525, a saving of over £200 in comparison to attending the programme live in a classroom. The content is the same; the exercises are the same, and in some cases further expanded.

  • What will it do for your career prospects?

    As many people are at home waiting and hoping that the current business and health crises end soon, you could use the time creatively to develop a skillset that is essential not just as a trainer, but in any role of management, leadership or influence with others.

  • What will happen if you opt for the status quo?

    In life you are either moving forwards or moving backwards, you can never stand still. Using your time now means that when the crisis ends, you will emerge to find the world has moved on and left you behind.

  • Why do so many people drop out of their training career?

    Most students fall away from training, because their teacher was either: uninspiring, unresponsive or just unaware. Here is the answer: keep it simple, keep it clear and see it from the student’s point of view.

  • How much enjoyment/fulfilment will the course bring you?

    Over the last 20 years the Training the Trainer course has primarily developed with training in mind, but so much of the content can be applied to management, team-building and even personal relationships.

  • How's it going to change your life?

    Will this course revolutionise and change your life? It might do. But it certainly will provide you with a set of skills and insights that will benefit you both professionally and personally. There are many ambitious people in the world; few of them realise the importance of coaching and communication: the skills that are fundamental to this programme.

National and International reputation

  • The programme is led by Michael Ronayne, a 4 times UK Public Speaking Champion.

  • Training is an incredibly competitive industry and Michael has excelled over these last 20 years where he builds the UK’s capacity for exceptional trainers.

  • He’s excelled in speaking, training, coaching and mentoring the leading talent from across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and the USA.

About Michael


Michael Ronayne

As a 9 times National Finalist and 4 times UK Public Speaking Champion with a background as a professional musician, Michael Ronayne has developed a profound understanding of the different aspects of speaking and public performance. He has written and presented communication training seminars for major UK organisations and has spoken in front of groups of people ranging from a dozen to over 2,000. As well as working extensively in the UK, Michael has designed and led presentation training programmes for major corporations across Europe, the Middle East and the United States of America. Michael spends part of his time as a trainer and mentor for newly-qualifying Public Speaking trainers at the Speakers Trust. Michael`s expertise in the field of training, coaching and mentoring has also meant that he was involved from the outset firstly in the development and then overseeing the delivery of Pearson Edexcel`s BTEC Professional Award programme in `Training the Trainer`. UK clients include: Royal Household, House of Lords, UK government and corporations, UK banks and insurance institutions, Charities and 3rd sector organisations

Top 12 Learning outcomes

Do you ever feel underprepared, undervalued and overwhelmed as a trainer? 

There is a lot of burnout in the industry. Do you go home feeling shattered and dreading tomorrow's session? 

This online TTT course provides the confidence that you're doing the right thing, at the right time, most of the time.

Would that end the stress and pressure you're constantly facing?

You will walk away with over 150 principles, techniques and suggestions to help you to become that exceptional trainer, including how to:

  • develop a clear, flexible delivery style that fully engages the students in the room
  • build a structure that is simple for the trainer and simple for the students
  • employ the one, universal exercise that guarantees buy-in from all students
  • handle 'over or under-participation' in the training room
  • identify any steps and hurdles to the students' learning readiness
  • match your training content to the students’ desired learning outcomes
  • create a participation structure that guarantees balanced student input
  • use pictures and metaphors to simplify abstract or complex concepts
  • develop activities to regulate and encourage levels of participation
  • create learning outcomes that are practical and relevant to the workplace
  • feel a greater professional awareness and reap the rewards of your new-found skills
  • Market yourself and your skills as a company expert/asset


Excellent course - the learning will stay with me for the rest of my career!
Jane Russell - Northumberland CC

Clearly every knowledgeable. Good examples to support materials
Katy Haylett – RSSB

Learnt a lot and will definitely be implementing lesson learnt in my training
Zaynab Qureshi – Confirmit

Despite being a trainer, I have learned so much more than I thought ii knew
Kalpana Chandran – Howell Lovells

Spot on – really effective and the right approach.
Valerie Brown – Volunteering Matters

Really good use of analogies to explain concepts
Kevin Lewis – Wolters Kluwer

Structure does not have to be complicated!
Ashey Para – Sky

Kept me listening. Very engaging. Interesting stories. A pleasure to listen to.
Michelle Geiger – WSUP

Great bank of knowledge and experience and very valuable tips
Claire Glover – Olympus Europe